Books in Progress

Wiggly and Wobbly Wombat (Trademark pending)
– A short illustrated chapter book for Older Children.

Aimed at 7-10 year old reader.

After fits and starts, Wiggly and Wobbly Wombat is close to being published, at last. Illustrations and cover design are almost complete. Queensland artist, Ryan Jones Illustration is not only talented but also patient as he breathes live into the characters. It’s been amazing to see them on-screen as I weave around an uncharted learning curve wearing both writer and publisher hat.

Starting to feel a tad excited. Nervous, too. I’d love to post some of the illustrations or cover design but I have pdf copies only for now so I need to speak with Ryan about jpg versions. I will also post extracts from the book.



Other writing projects include a travel narrative, tentatively entitled  Salute to the Sun.  Its style is autobiographical with a back story work set most in Italy. Two thirds complete with only 20,000 words to go!

Several short chapter books for children. The Picture Book for Older readers one is ready for final editing and illustrating. as well as two of YA short stories. Except for a short screenplay, this are myis the first time I have written fiction, so of-course what better place to start than writing for children (yeah, right!!).

All else aside, while it was hellish in terms of workload, I had a ball and grew so much as a writer – now I’m also hooked on writing for young people!

A list of my current children books and YA stories (some titles are tentative) 

1. Wiggly and Wobbly Wombat (title not final) – being edited. The first of a series of their adventures (Illustrated Chapter Book for confident readers aged 7-9 yrs)

2. The Seafaring Adventures of Tuilio Tortoise and Penelope Pony (next book to publish) (Picture Chapter Book for confident readers aged 7-9yrs)

3. A Misty Morning Walk – Chapter 1 in  Adventures of Ben and Jessie  (Chapter Book for Younger Independent Readers) – the first of a series.

I also have two YA short stories, which I might develop into YA novellas. I’m tossing the idea of adapting one of them as a screenplay for a 60 min TV film.

One is aimed at an audience of early to mid teens (horror genre – Halloween theme!)

The second is for late adolescents + (Sci-fi genre – the main character is a highly intelligent female scientist – yes, a great role model!).

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