How Fast is the NBN vs the Coalition’s Internet?

A big thank you to Claire Porter, Technology Editor @ for her article that addresses in real terms, the difference between speeds for a variety of uploads, comparing the NBN to that of the Coalition’s internet plans.

There is a link to Brisbane PhD student James Brotchie’s website which he built ‘because he didn’t think the Labor government was selling the NBN properly to everyday Australians.’

I wanted a website that I could sit my parents down in front of and have them appreciate the difference between the competing parties’ NBN plans.

NBN vs Coalition Internet

Upload photos NBN vs Coalition Internet

You can run a number of simulations such as above and witness in real time, for yourself. The difference is alarming. Longer download times means greater data usage, which means high monthly costs. Other simulations include every day tasks such as uploading a video to YouTube or downloading an episode of Game of Thrones on iTunes.

Claire Porter details the time differences:

Using the NBN, uploading 100 10mb photos to Facebook takes 20 seconds.

The Coalition’s plan takes 27 minutes and 18 seconds.

Downloading a one-hour high definition TV episode from iTunes would take 16 seconds on the NBN, or 10 minutes and 55 seconds on the Coalition’s plan.

Uploading a short video to YouTube would take 4 seconds under Labor’s plan, and five minutes and 20 seconds under the Coalition’s plan.

Scary! This may not only affect us personally, but it could mean the difference in Australia remaining globally competitive or falling into the third world internet basket.





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