Since the ‘APE’ Book Makeover

I almost didn’t attend the book makeover for which my book was selected along with four other authors. Thank goodness for my Samsung netbook which saved the day. I could see and hear for the first half but could not be heard or seen by the panel or anyone else joining the hangout…Anyway, I have made some important changes as a result of feedback from +Guy Kawasaki and +Shawn Welch and regarding social media, also Peggy Fitzpatrick. Below is the G+ Hangout link.

This is what I have done so far as a follow-up:

1. Changed the readership target market to a slightly older age range, that of a 8 to 11    years (instead of 7-9)

2. have the chapter book entirely separate from the ABC section which was at the end of the book. This means I will have two books – first, the illustrated chapter book for older readers, followed by the ABC book for beginner readers (Marie, my talented cover designer, will be kept busy!

3. I have decided to hire an experienced illustrator as the chapter book requires a lot more illustrations that I had first envisaged. The hunt is on!

4. Changed the usernames for two of my social media pages:

– Facebook author Page from the business name, Itria Publishing to my name,              with an extra identifier to distinguish me from others of same name: (I want to remove the ‘.’ but I need more ‘Likes’…So please, do visit if you are able. Thanks!:)

– Twitter: #menabrunoauthor

In addition to this, feedback on my manuscript from a Google + pal of mine, Rob Golieb, sent me scuttling to revisit the narrative. In trying to keep within the 32-page format that I had imposed on the book, was suffocating the content and flow of Wiggly and Wobbly’s story telling….They had a lot more to say and say and they did!

Some major alterations in content and narrative structure followed, such as adding more back story, developing Wiggly and Wobbly Wombat’s characters more. The ending didn’t escape, which now opens the door to a bunch of new adventures which the wombats will tell in a series of books.

I am half way through this revised draft. I’m off to a regional town in a couple of days so I will make good use of 2.5 hours of  round trip flying time! 🙂



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