My new Author’s Page

I’ve been busily working on my children’s chapter book. I engaged a local editor who has completed a substantive edit which gave me some new ideas to work with, such as adding a brief back story for Pa Wombat.:) – Then of-course, as is usual for any writer, new ideas popped up as I wrote.:)

Please find below, a link to my Facebook Author Page. My new publishing business name, is Itria Publishing.

Please drop by and if you like a post, or the page itself, please let me know by pressing ‘like’. Your support is much appreciated so please spread the word. I expect that my darling little characters, Wiggly and Wobbly Wombat(c) will reach young readers within the next four months. At least, that’s the target, keeping in mind the work schedules for the rest of the team of editors, illustrator and cover designer.

So, here’s a big thank you from me and a bigger thank you from them! 🙂



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