My Review of APE the Book on Amazon

Here is also my review of APE as it appears on Amazon.I would love hear from you,especially if you find this review helpful.

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Please refer to the book’s official website for a full list of Reviews -my previous, more detailed review also appears there  – The “APE” of Publishing

As a result of reading APE, I’ve been motivated to continue and complete my travel narrative. I’m really excited to know that I now have so much control over the publishing process. I think the days of there being a stigma around self-publishing will soon disappear – after all, the proof in the pudding has always been and always will be, how well your book sells. Mind you, fantastic marketing and getting your book ‘out there’ is a key ingredient in your book’s success! APE shows you what you need to do, even while you’re still writing your book, such as how to maximise your use of social media.

I am also working on final edits of a couple of children’s books.

Do yourself a huge favor and for the cost of a focaccia, go grab yourself a copy of APE! 

High fives to Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch!!……Mena

Note: I have no interest of any kind in the above book other than to recommend it because it’s just a fabulous ‘How – to’ text for the /author/publisher/entrepreneur . Oh… there are also many tips on how social media can help you in all aspects of the process!


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