A new week – a new buzz

Good news. I heard back from the good folk at create space and I simply need to add what constitutes my Aussie TFN on the royalties registration form. That level of form-filling complexity, I think I can manage.

My dog woke me in the middle of the night with some of her more panic-riddled barking. She is one loud border collie. Out I get. Out she goes. What to do? Something I rarely succumb to and that is, hop on to social media sites. Nearly two hours later, after reading great articles from various posters, and great posts embedded in various articles, back to bed I go.

A couple of major reports await being written, something I will start as soon as I finish something more pressing. This. I joined a few writers groups and I am blown away at the talent as well as the opportunity to network and share ideas with such wonderfully energised writing communities. Well, for me I’m soaking it all in. I will contribute where I can but as a newbie writer of fiction, I can only humbly share what experienced writers know only too well. Still, my energy is being rekindled with every new post or article.

My children’s stories await and I find myself wishing I could just write without the business of doing much of anything else by way of work. What writer doesn’t share that dream? It’s not that I don’t like wearing my other hats, but if given the choice, I think I might let all else go. At least for a good year or so. I’m sending it ‘out there’. Every day I receive a “Note from the Universe’ through www.tut.com . They just make my day and remind me of the power within me, within us all.

Having lots of fun reading some great articles and posts shared on Ian Macgregger’s site – very inspiring for any writer http://www.ianmacgregger.com/


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