The cows have it!


My eyes are stinging from tiredness and still recovering from the onslaught of all the recent writing for the final portfolio. Head still buzzing as my new-found freedom feels foreign. After driving nearly 300 kms today, I’m ready for a bit of the ol’ shut eye. I can’t believe I had so much chocolate at the road house on my way home. Checking  FB /emails = chocolate. Ridiculous what a cue such as “2 for $3.99” will do to one’s usual measure of good sense regarding intake of rubbish at one sitting. I think had I been offered a burger I might have eaten that too, despite the fact that it’s at least two years since my last visit to Macca’s. Though I might have desisted at the last moment, as images bounced around of cows – black, brown, mottled, all grazing peacefully on the slopes of the Clare Valley this evening. Everything looked a golden dry, the last of the day’s sunlight no doubt catching their eye – there they were, happily chomping away. Not sure whether cows feel happy, but I guess if they can feel stressed (and they do) then they must feel something in the opposite direction.

I’m reminded of Ms Temple Grandin and her intricate drawings of cow enclosures (I’m sure that’s the correct technical term!). Relaxed cows make better meat as they are minus the stress hormones. There was a program the other night showing a woman who raised rare ‘blue’ cows on Norfolk Island. She saw the lifespan of her cows through from green fields to table top at her own restaurant. I admire her ability to be brushing and cleaning their hide, then taking them to slaughter and finally, to serve her customers with chunky seared slices of Betsy. If you’re thinking of visiting the beautiful Isle, I just read some reviews by travelers. Be mindful. Do NOT hit any of the cows, even if one drops on you from the skies (ok, not likely, but you get the picture!) you still have to pay, possibly 100’s of dollars. They have right of way at ALL times apparently.
Ooh, look, here they are….an article from The Australian dated September 01, 2012…..They will surely  put you in a good moo-ed!!



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