Starting afresh

After sitting neglected for so long, there was naught to do but delete the old posts. Not that there were many! This will be my way of making sure I write something every day, a cup of Irish tea beside me and off I go.
Almost the end of 2012 and what a 24 month period this has been. It seems odd even for me that I managed to cram so much in! From starting a Master of Creative Writing to completing it just recently and everything in between – gaining dual citizenship and all that followed (now the subject of a travel narrative ) it’s been a heady mix of exciting meets grueling! Two and a half years of living on the edge of morphing into a social isolate with the saving grace being that proverbial glimmer of light at the end of the  tunnel. As I start to emerge from this time, it’s as if I’ve shed a major layer, much like a snake discards its old skin ready to face the challenge of the searing summer sun.


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